About Us

Process theology: Progressive Religion for an Interconnected World

We believe the world is relational and interdependent, that God is present in every moment of experience, and that our choices really do make a difference.

We are Protestants, Catholics, Unitarians, Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims  who have discovered that process-relational theology--which is a way of understanding of God and the world--makes sense. It encourages us to deepen our particular faith while reaching out with respect to other faiths for inter-religious dialogue and shared ministries.

We are pastors and lay people, students and teachers, scientists, businesspeople, homemakers, parents, seekers and adventurers . . .

As an organization, Process & Faith (P&F) is dedicated to providing practical applications of process-relational theology to all aspects of faith life: spirituality, education, preaching and worship, biblical interpretation, counseling, and ministries of justice.

P&F is a membership-based program of the Center for Process Studies, a faculty center of the Claremont School of Theology. 

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