Fresh Approaches booklets

Big ideas in bite sizes from the perspective of process theology. 

What Is Process Thought?
Who Is Alfred North Whitehead and Why Are People Drawn to His Ideas?
What Kinds of Process Thought Exist Today?
What Are Key Ideas in Process Thought?
What Fallacies Do Process Thinkers Try to Avoid?
Why Do Some People Speak of Process Thought as "Constructive Postmodernism"?
How Can Process Thought Be Practiced?

Several appendices, including process theology. 123 pages.

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Jay McDaniel is the director of the Steel Center for the Study of Religion and Philsophy at Hendrix College, Arkansas. He is the author of Gandhi's Hope, Lioving from the Center, and Of God and Pelicans.

This booklet makes available a paper presented by David Ray Griffin at the July 2006 International Whitehead Conference in Salzburg, Austria. In this paper, Dr. Griffin argues that the conflict betwen evolution and intelligent design has not been helped by failures to clear up ambiguities in such key terms as "evolution," "Neo-Darwinism," "naturalism," and "supernaturalism." Dr. Griffin argues that a Whiteheadian philosophy can help clear up these ambiguities and thereby point to a third way that could in principle be accepted by both the religious and scientific communities.

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"Process Theology: An introductory Introduction is the title of a lecture delivered by John B. Cobb, Jr., at the Claremont School of Theology in September 2004. Taking a biblical rather than a philosophical approach, Dr. Cobb focuses on the nature of God as a way to express, in nontechnical terms, basic ideas about process theology.

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"Why Whitehead?" is the title of a lecture delivered by John B. Cobb, Jr., at the 2003 Whitehead International Film Festival in Claremont, CA. The question is why a film festival wouldl be named after a 20th-century philosopher with no professional connection to film. In this lecture, Dr. Cobb provides compelling reasons for Whitehead's relevance--not just to film but to the human community.

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