Process & Film

Films Worth Watching

This is just for starters. A list of (mostly recent) films excellent for theological discussion or personal pleasure/reflection.

Category #1: Just Plain Fun

  • Being Julia (Noel Cowardesque romantic comedy)

  • Sideways (journey film, tragi-comic, brilliant dialogue)

Category #2: Social Conscience

  • Vera Drake (abortion, class differences)

  • Crash (infinitely shifting boundaries, difficulties in breaking through multiple racist stereotypes) 

  • Hotel Rwanda (genocide)

Category #3: Absorbing Drama

  • About Schmidt (aging, family relations, meaning)
  • Nowhere in Africa(war and peace, dislocation, marriage/family/friend loyalties, forgiveness)
  • In America (community, breaking stereotypes, family)
  • Pieces of April (community, death and reconciliation)
  • Chocolat   (forms of community; what constitutes a sacred community/church)
    Spitfire Grill (suffering for another, redemption, forgiveness, transformation)
  • Kings and Queen (layered depths and mystery of human personality; reversals of expectations) 
  • Ray (music as metaphor for creative transformation; blindness)